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Summary of January

Today is January 31. One month of my kitchen adventure’s gone.

photo by Chris Sardegna

I promised my self to make the first menu from the book during the January and I did it (also, did some extra recipes), even though the posts are not published yet. I did almost all recipes and some of them were delicious (ice cream, fish en pappilote, poultry saufle), some of them I’ll, probably,  never get because of lack of  ingredients (as a roasted game birds), some of them were definitely challengeable and the result was awkward (Fish mayones or brain pie).   Summarize,  to begin this adventure was the most important and clever decision of the last year. One  Cooking Adventure’s awesome, it lets me feel more confident in some of culinary technics, shows me wonderful sides of Russian Cuisine and I’m definitely going to continue my adventure through the book.

Hope, you’ll like it as I do.