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This blog belongs to a passionated culinary student of Chef School George Brown College, Toronto, Canada and name of this student is Marina Zub. I’m from Russia, was born in the beginning of a new era for my country, clearly say, in the last days of USSR. At this point I need to make an accent that English which is my beloved and respected language is not my first language, so it’s the point to excuse my grammar and others mistakes. Sorry!

Being a school girl I ever interested in my mother’s culinary  books (two, ahah) and tried to cook something from them. My mother was not a great cook, but she could create something on her kitchen as well as an average housewife of USSR, so she tough me with something  as far as she could because we did not have an access to a wide food variety by different reasons. At least we had our own small “farm” where we could grow plants and rabbits.

By the end of my school years I decided to study history at Omsk State University where during one lecture I got the idea that I definitely want to study food and to open my own restaurant one day, publish a book and teach the new generation of chefs.  So, I rapidly finished my University degree, got married to a perfect husband, studied English and moved away from the country where to be a cook is considered to be a low-labor class.

I started to study at culinary program in a multicultural  group of students. Once we shared our knowledges about different  cuisine and it was so bad to hear that Vodka, Pelmeni and Borsh are the main food from Russian cuisine. There are some reasons for that, even you go to a Russian food restaurant outside of Russia you’ll find these dishes as the main and popular food. I have my own explanation for that situation but will share it next time. By the way, the recipes of these popular dishes are on my blog, too.

The idea to start the blog came to me after a beautiful movie Julie & Julia, 2009 (Julia Child’s story of her start in the cooking profession is intertwined with blogger Julie Powell’s 2002 challenge to cook all the recipes in Child’s first book.) which was recommended to me by my Dentist as soon as she found that I’m a culinary student. Honestly, I event forget about her words while I did not accidentally  find this move. “Great idea! ” I thought. This move appeared right at the time where I was looking for a new project for the new year, 2016 through what I could be able to improve my culinary skills, broad my knowledge about Russian Imperial cuisine , share this knowledge to the world!

After a year of staying on the professional kitchen and writing about Russian recipes in my blog, I investigated the book contents so much recipes (like more than 5000) and many of them are “not very good” (taste boring, when cook long), plus a lot of them are replicas from Classic French Cuisine, I began  to  create and try something new and amazing, so my blog is now about Old Russian Fusion and Contemporary Cuisine, vegetarian cooking, beans and grains cooking applying.Shortly, a Boullion of everything tasty what inspires me. Hopefully, I’ll find my own style of cooking through this amount of recipes!



To contact with me (no junk mail please) :

e-mail:  mazub91@gmail.com

facebook page: facebook.com/marina.zub.1

linkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/marinazub


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