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How to Teach a Child about Dairy Food

Warm greetings, my dear readers!

Today I continue the topic how to teach kids about food. As a quick reminder why it is important, I would highlight the child obesity and type II diabetes rate worldwide. “Above 43 million preschool children (the age under  5) were overweight or obese in 2010, which is 60 percent more than in 1990” reports Harvard school of Medicine .  In 2008, above 17 percent of children were obese, and that percentage kept steady through 2010th. From my point of view, everything begins with education. If parents spend a little time to introduce their child to the food world properly, a lot of food related diseases could be resloved.


Today’s topic is about Dairy World. 


Introduction (morning) activities.

  • Begin with an Ice Cream Man story.
  • Ask your child what is her/his favorite ice cream flavor and if s/he knows what is the ice cream made of?
  • Here is the time to introduce milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and a cow! (prepare the pictures of those elements)
  • Discuss where the cows live (farm), what do they eat (grass and grains). Tell kids that cows give milk. And milk is what farmers use to produce different types of dairy products. (show wich). Explain that kids need to eat at least 2 servings of dairy products every day. (2 servings – for 2-3 toddlers, pre-school and kindergarten groups, and 3-4 serving for 9-13 years old).
  • If kids do not have dairy allergies, invite them to have a morning snack with cheese, yogurt or milk.

Stories to read aloud:

  • Extra Cheese Please! by Cris Peterson
  • It looked Like Split Milk by Charles Shaw
  • Milk by Donald Carrick
  • The Milk Makers by Gail Gibbons

Activities for the day.

  • Music and Dancing
  1. Play Twist dancing music and pretend to be a milk shakes shaking.
  2. Provide kids with Milk Carton Shakers (put some buttons/pasta/beans in milk cartons). Invite them to play some rhymes with the shakers.
  •  Art
  1. Offer kids to draw a farm with cows and goats. For toddlers – to put dots on the templates with a cow simulating dotted cows.  cow-1204968_1280
  2. Offer kid to paint a piece of cheese (for toddlers – to put circles on the cheese pieces)
  • Discovery Activities.
  1. Provide kids with different sizes of milk cartons and ask to arrange them from the smallest to the largest order.
  2. Look at cheese under a magnifying glass.
  3. Whip a whipping cream! And then, turn it into a piece of butter!
  4. Make a Frozen Yogurt !
  •  Developing Fine Motor Skills.

Provide kids with paper, scissors, glue and images of milk products from magazines. Encourage children to cut them out and glue them to a construction paper. (for toddlers. Prepare cut images of the dairy products. Draw a schematic open fridge with shelves on a construction paper. Offer them “to put the products in the fridge”).

  • Snack Time!
  1. Eat the Frozen Yogurt!
  2. Taste different types of cheese!
  3. Or make a yogurt – berry smoothies!
  • Closing (reflecting) time
  1. Talk to children about their favorite dairy group.
  2. Ask them about their favorite activities of the day.

Enjoy your day and have a fun time!

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