Food Journey

Farms’ adventure

Farm is the place where the meal begins its story. And how well is treating the home of the animals and plants, depend ours future.

Honestly, agriculture of Quebec and a whole world has a lot of problems and issues from corporations to customers, but today, what I want to show you is how beautiful it could be to have farm raised animals over the mass productive style.

We had visited three farms: chicken, free range farm and grass feed farm. Unique and different. Style depends on the farmer’s believes and his own life philosophy.

First farm was free range Chicken farm. It’s a relatively new farm and what impressed me first is how treasurable the owners treat their farm, their workers and their chickens! The atmosphere of love from the family is spread to all what they are doing. Treasurable.

Farm is in the forest
Farm owners Dad and Son
Temperature control – each stage of chicken “years” required different temperature and humidity
3 weeks old chicks
5-7 weeks old chicken. Interesting fact is those chicken do not need a lot of sun light, it stress them out! 

On the free range farm chicken live 10 weeks  (in compare to 7-8 week for the same breed on an industry farm) on the farm and then goes to the slaughtering house. But even at that stage, the farmers care about their well being and make sure that birds do not suffer and do not stressed.  If you want to know more about chicken raising, here is a good manual book for that. By the way, those farmers are very concerned about ecology and do not use GMO products to feed their birds, even thought it affects the cost of the product, because quality is matter.

Swiss-German free range farm.

Our next stop was a cattle free range farm. When I was a child my parents send me to my uncles on  country side where I spent a lot of time among farm animals and I to be there was as nature as be in the city. I missed that time. And the exchange gave me a chance to come back to my childhood. We visited a farm of one old farmer who changed more than 5 profession during his life. He is a very respectful chef of Ottawa and Gatineau region who is spending the last 15 years of his life on his farm. He also has experience in dog training . And It’s believable! He has about 100 (may be more) different animals on his farm and every single animal has a name, he knows their personality and they do what ever he tells them to do! I have never meet a person like that! Also, he is a very smart and has his own philosophy of the life. It’s quite interesting to spent time there. So, if you ever wanted to know about animals or just have a day off the city around the nature and “broad your horizons” you necesarry should visit him Alpenblick Farm and Chef Robert


a part of the farm
Huge lands where his cows are walking freely
His very old house (100 years above)
Farmer’s hard-working hand
Young and the youngest bulls are never fight. The dog is the best friend of the youngest bull
Mr Robert teaches the new generation about food quality
Part of the farm
Fresh warm milk straight from a cow!
Mr Robert also has his production: it’s mostly, dairy food and meat and something else


He very likes any visitors, especially, who concerns about corporations and food quality. He provides educative opportunities for kids in “camping style”. Incredible!


A grass feed farm Brylee


And one more farm during our trip was Brylee farm. Their farm has a long 100 year history. The owner of the place started his business on grass. He has huge fields and lend his space as a place for grass feeding for cattle of his neighbors. After that he switched to cattle farming and now he has a 100 above cows, 40 above sheeps and chickens for his own consumption. Also, when his wife quit his nurse job, she started to cook from their own produce and now serving food in a home-country style bbq by request and for weddings who like to rent their adorable barn for the event. That was a slightly different style of farming because they are primerely focused on quality of grass as a product affects on the quality of meat. They do not know names of their animals as on Alpenbrick farm, because do not want to get in emotional intact with them, but still concerns about their well-being. I could say , the farmers on Brylee farm know their customers and feel huge responsibilities about feeding them. And again, the common denominator for all of these farmers, the place is full of love and care. Care about people, care about animals, about industry future and about world’s future. It was a long term discussion about ecology, too, but not for that post) Mr Brian the owner of the farm provides great educational opportunities too for students who is studying agriculture and want to connect their life with farming.

grass-feeding group of sheeps
Grass is our future) 
3 week old lamb
a group of relocating cows
nice lunch in a paleo diet style
free range chickens
home where they live
4 shades of eggs what is natural!
a space for event
an old style adorable oven


Did they inspire me to run my own farm? Yes, of course!  May be not a farm… may be not my own… but spent couple days or week or month on farm… Mmm..  That could be another adventure. SO love it!

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