Food Journey

Culinary Exchange 2016, Quebec, Canada.

May 29-June 12.

I have spent 2 weeks of my life for the unique opportunity called Culinary Exchange 2016, organized and sponsored by Canadian Chefs Federation CCFCC and Saputo cheese company. Shortly, it was incredible. Whole two weeks were saturated with different culinary events, meetings, farms, stages, dinners and lunches and gave me as a junior chef so much treasurable information about the industry, so I feel much comfortable on the way who I am. That was not a “vacations”, that was a real 12-hours work with no days off, yet still, enjoyable.

Membership in CCFCC

When I had became a culinary student I strongly believed that I need to join a culinary chef organization because to be alone in the industry and want to have my own food business with no connections is a big mistake, thus I found the CCFCC and decided to join them. Organization where information about industry events are flowing around, matured and experienced chefs are in a “short-step” distance. You are no longer alone, you ever have support and advice if you need. Perfect opportunity to grown.

Exchange announcement

One day I get an email about the exchange opportunity, I was not sure do I need to apply or not because I’m a new member of the organization and have 1 year of experience only. Like a weird situation. And they require some work to do, plus, my internship was on the conner. I was in doubts. I asked my future chef-coordinator of my internship placement what if I apply and go for 2 weeks for this and that reasons, she said “Surely you should apply! You can not miss that amazing deal!” So I did: 3 course menu one of the plates should be cooked and a photo send, 2 minutes video, 2 reference letters, resume. For me, as a junior, it requested a week and a half of work, especially, for the menu developing. Job was done, send and I was chosen. Me and three more junior chefs across Canada began their journey.

Ottawa-Gatineau-Montebello-Montreal-Quebec city.

Restaurants-Farms-Fromagerie-Wineries-Cideries-Chocolate-Meat Production-Kitchens and, also, people who works in the industry. Everything was treasurable and require a special post which I’ll public here, in the One cooking adventure blog.

Follow me and get know more about Quebec province which people fairly call La Belle Province.



Culinary exchange get held in different regions of Canada, next year, 2017 is Niagara Region’s turn. To have a change to participate in the exchange, you should be a junior member of CCFCC organization. To apply there you simply need to go to and find application package to send it to your branch president which you can find in the list of branch presidents.



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