Excuse and changes

I’ve not been posting here for the long month. Shame on me. Got excuse – finished my moving, changed my workplace. Now I’m part-time intern and part-time worker at Four Seasons Hotel Cafe Boulud and D-bar (yes, there is a difficult-to-explain-relationships between those subjects, but I’m working for all of them), finished my third culinary school semester and gone through my first-ever culinary competition and applied to Saputo culinary exchange program, filmed in a promotion video for my school and volunteered my time to help my chefs in couple of functions. (yea, a lot of staff went, so I did not have time to make any posts)

After shooting

Cafe Boulud  and D-bar are restaurants where the general chef is Daniel Boulud – celebrity chef master of French cuisine, so that’s going to be an amazing learning environment. I’m sure for 100% because at my third day on the kitchen, my chef-supervisor allowed me to butcher a whole pig by showing me the first half and allowing me do the rest by my own!

That’s the place of my study-work


Half of the pig which I butchered

About competition.

That was a “braised” competition where cooks supposed to make any “braised food”. To highlight my Russian identity I went with Cabbage rolls where the most difficult challenge was to plate it attractively, so I did, the jury was impressed but my mistake was the simple meat (I used only beef), if I went with something exotic for stuffing like lamb/hen/squirrel etc (oh yes, I did cook a squirrel and wild goose on that days while I was absent) and played around with seasonings, the first prize could be mine. But by now – second place in the first competition is not bad).


Cabbage Roll with asparagus Puree and roasted root vegetables

About Saputo culinary exchange program.

The program offers to move to Montreal for two weeks to learn of cooking, chocolate and cheese from the best place of Canada. Do I want to go there? Oh yes, I’m crazy-passioned about culinary, so I took that opportunity, despite the time it took me to get all necessary elements for application package (resume, menu composition, 2 minutes video, cooking and the most challengable – reference letters). I choose to cook and send a photo of dessert – Bavarian Cream it turned to be so beautiful and tasty, so I wanted to share with people.  By the cooking that recipe, I figure our how to make and how to plate another delicious dessert – Apple Cream.

Bavarian Cream

And about excuse.

Because I do very busy at this period of time and the summer is coming when people do not like to read a lot, I decided do not overflow with my posts till the September and make some publications when I find something really excited.

Have a good summer and do not forget to check my blog from time to time! I’m sure, you’ll find something very good here to cook or to be impressed!



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