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Almond milk from scratch

When I was a kid I was wondered about what cow gives almond milk. My mother laughed and said that the almond milk is from almond tree. But I did not find any nipples there…

So now I have a chance to know, to make and share my findings about how to make almond milk from scratches.


  • Almond nuts – 200 gr
  • Hot water – 200 ml
  • Hot water – 400 ml
  • Sugar – to taste

1. Almond nuts preparation

Measure your nuts and place in a small stainless steel bowl, cover with hot boiling water, cover with a plastic wrap and place aside till the temperature allows you to touch the nuts.

like that

2. Simply removing the almond skin, peel the nuts.

Peeled or silvered almonds

3. Place the peeled nuts into a food processor and process it very-very well. Better if the nuts turn into wet dust.

Something behind that

4. When the nuts are done, pour over 400 ml of hot water, process in your processor again, then, drain the liquid into a sauce pot, squeeze the almond crumbs.


Bring  the liquid to boil, add sugar and let it cool down.


Enjoy your freshly milked almond milk!


That’s actually awesome recipe. Easy-peasy and totally satisfied those cooks who’s crazy (as me) to make or try to do everything  from scratches.

When I did my first almond milk I was so happy to add one more recipe “from scratches” into my collection. Thus, I did:

  • Tofu cheese and soy milk
  • Cottage cheese and hard cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Tahini
  • Flour -> bread -> and Kvass
  • Hummus
  • Almond milk!

And the adventure was amazing. I want to try to do something more! What’s your ideas? Or what unusual did you try to do?


P.S. It’s actually interesting, what if simply follow the tofu recipe but apply it to the almonds, is it possible to get kind of “almond tofu”?

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