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Kvas. (Bread Drink)


Kvas is old and uniq Slavic drink. The beverage is not only refreshing and tasty, but also gives energy, increases metabolism, helps to improve digestion and cardiovascular systems of our bodies. In hot summer time when it’s difficult to eat, kvas could become a v essential alternative for a meal because it’s easy to digest and provides you  with necessary nutrition elements, such as vitamin B (which we lose during active sweating), C, E, PP. Kvas’s acids (vinegar and lactic) are helpful for digestive system and kills “bad” gut bacterias. Yeasts help to fight against skin inflammations. The beverage at all helps to balance salt-water amount of a body and provides with energy.

Serves: 6 cups (250ml) Time preparation: 3 days Difficulty: easy


  • Rye                                          500g
  • Malt, dry                               200g
  • All purpose flour  apr       200 g
  • Sugar                                      150g
  • Yeasts                                    8g


*Rye, malt, yeasts are usually could be found in brewery stores.

1.Rye roasting.

When you buy rye, it’s usually raw and to get necessary “bready” flavor, you need to roast it till golden-brown color and “bread” smell. I places rye in my oven for 15 minutes with 375F.


2. Malt and rye slurry.

When the grains are ready, let it slightly cool down, place in a pot and add dry malt. Add a half cup of water or amount enough to cover the grains and dissolve the malt. Bring to boil, reduce to simmer, let the grains turn to be soft. When the grains are soft enough, blend it, so you’ll get malt and rye slurry. Bring it to boil again, to evaporate extra water and make the slurry drier.


3. Rye dough.

Add flour to the slurry enough to get a soft dough.


4. Rye cakes.

Divide the dough into small flat rounds and bake them for 45 minutes in 200F till hard. If there is a burnings on the bottom, it’s totally fine, so the taste of kvas’ll have a pleasant bitterness. When they ready, let it cool down.


5. Kvas assembling

Crush the cake, so you could get 100 g of crumbs, place them in a jar or other container (my grand mothers and mother did it in a glass 3 l jars for some reasons…).  Cover with hot boiling water (about 500 ml), so the bread crumbs’ll soak. Than, add 150 g of sugar, dissolve it and, when the water is  about room temperature, add 8 g of yeasts. Cover the jar with a lid, but do not seal it. Leave it in a room temperature for 1 day.


That’s alive!

6. Finishing kvas.

When the slurry is ready, add 50 g of sugar, warm water (apr 1,5 L), 50 g of bread crumbs and leave it in a room for another day, sealing with a lid. Next day, pour the kvas into bottles, place 2-4 pieces of raisin  or dried cranberries in each bottle. Let it cool down in your fridge. When it’s cold it’s ready to use. Better taste’ll be in the next day.

Not my photo



It’s not an easy recipe, but when you have it done, you’ll find that time which you spent, was not wasted at all!






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