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Buckwheat/Kasha Porridge with Almond milk

Breakfast. What could be more important to start a day with a tasty and nutritious breakfast which takes no time in a morning? For me breakfast is one of necessary things in my daily routine, but I’m ever in rush during my morning hours, that’s why to find a good ever-working breakfast recipe is treasurable. I want to share with you this recipe from E. Molohovec book which is suitable for gluten-free, vegetarian,  lactose free, healthy diets.


Buckwheat is the world’s healthiest food. It’s reach in manganese – 39% DRI,  copper, magnesium, fiber and phosphorus. Diets rich in buckwheat protect you heart from heart-related diseases, lower risks of diabetes and cancer. So, having this Porridge as a part of your daily routine’ll provide you with a longer life.

  • Buckwheat – 2 cups
  • Water – 4 cups
  • Salt – 1/2 teaspoon/ to taste
  • Almond Milk

1. Boiling Buckwheat.

Put the buckwheat into a medium pot, add water, add salt. Cover  with a lid. Bring to boil, reduce heat to simmer and keep it while all water’ll evaporate and the grains’ll be soft and crumbly.


Buckwheat is ready

2. Blitz the grains or chafe it through a strainer. At this point you can keep the porridge in a container  in a fridge through a week, and , when it’s necessary, perform the step#3.

3. Assembling the porridge.

When the grains are ready, place desirable amount of them into a bowl and pour almond milk in, enough to cover the grains.



Easy and delicious recipe. As an option, you can use regular milk in place of almond milk and add a bit of butter to make the taste richer.


Bon Appetite!

Original Recipe #2668


2 thoughts on “Buckwheat/Kasha Porridge with Almond milk

  1. I will have to look out for buckwheat very soon. I only remember it from the Little Rascals. Om of the gang was named “Buckwheat” I must admit I have never had it. I am curious about the flavour. Thank you for this great idea!


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