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Perfect Rice/22 minutes rule

For a beginner cook it could be tricky to cook perfect rice without special equipment like steamer or rice pot. I grew up in Russia, and I did not have any of these pieces, so I had to find a way how to cook it perfectly. Simple. Easy. Convenient.


To get the perfect soft and crumbly  rice:

Rice – 100 g

Water, hot boiling – 170ml



Bring water to boil separately.

Combine water, salt and rice in a pot, cover with lid. Prepare timer. Magic begins.

Boil rice, water and salt for 2 minutes. Then, low the heat to medium and keep it simmering for 5 minutes, and 4 minutes over slow heat.

Do not open the lid! Take out the pot with rice from heat and wait for 11 minutes more.

Simple. Follow proportions 100 g rice – 170 ml water. High-medium-low heat for 2-5-4 and 11 minutes. Do not open the lid during all the time.

As the result is soft and crumbly rice.

Simple. Easy. Convenient. 


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