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French Vanilla Ice Cream (Plombières)

photo by Neha Deshmukh

Recipe #4

Vanilla Ice cream….  mmmm… what could be more delicious than it, especially, for a sweet-tooth person as me? It’s pleasure time when you take out a box of frosty and yummy snack  and enjoy your simple pleasure. Ice cream has ever been something difficult to home-made for me “But, what? Make ice cream (not a sherbet) by myself? Without any jet-pack machine? Seems like a joke! ” – that was my first reaction to the recipe from The Book from XIX century. Any way, I needed to try that, resolution is resolution.


for 6 portions:

5 egg yolks

1/2 lb of sugar

1 cup Cream 10%

2 cups Cream 35%

Vanilla flavor – 1 teaspoon

Lemon Zest – 1 lemon

Dried Apricots – 10 pcs, chopped

I took a half of ingredients just to try.


1. Mix together egg yolks, sugar and 1 cup of 10% cream till the sugar is dissolved.

2. Put the sauce pot with the mixture over the heat, heat up till the mixture turns to be smooth but do not let it boil!


3. Strain through the cheesecloth or a fine sifter into a bowl or serving form. I used ice cream container.


4. Keep it into your freezer till the mixture cool down and freeze in a half. (It took me about 1-1,5 hours)

5. When the mixture is half-way frozen, take it out, mix it well with a fork or a spatula, add lemon zest, vanilla and dried apricots, add 2 cups of cold 35% cream. Put it back into the freezer till complete frozen condition. (Better – overnight)


Strawberry topping’s matching perfectly!







Oh, I love this recipe so much! My family loves this recipe so much and my co-workers love it, too! I highly recommend to try it because you’ll be surprised! That looks like impossible to make store-quality ice cream at home, but this recipe allows you to make this magic!

Really want to hear your responds, because I still under emotional impression after that experience!



*Original number is 1956

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