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Hazel-Hen Souffle

Continuing the investigation of The Book, I found this radically new recipe for me. Bird’s souffle what could be more exiting!



3 Hazel-Hens (sub with 2 thighs of Turkey), deboned

50g White bread

Milk or Cream enough to soak the bread

100g+10g butter, melted

4 eggs

2 cups 18% cream

4 truffels (sub with Black mushrooms)




Mis en Place (+turkey)

First of all, I did not find the Hazel-Hen in Toronto, honestly, have no idea where to go to find something like this. (If somebody knows where to find unusual proteins in Toronto, please, let me know!)


Recipe suggests to debone Hazel-Hen and use its meat, so I decided that simply using turkey meat from thing’ll be equal because turkey has the gamy-ish taste and the meat structure should be close to the Hazel-Hen.

1. Soak the bread in cream or milk (this mix is called panade).

2. Debone the meat, cut in a medium pieces, process it in your food processor till the meat is nice and smooth. Squeeze the bread from extra milk or cream, add it in the processor bowl,  add 100 g of melted butter, salt. Process through the food processor again to add air in the mixture, making the mixture fluffy.

3. Put the mixture in a bowl, add eggs, cream, truffels (black mushrooms in my case), nutmeg.

Mixture is ready to go

4. “Put a big pot with water to heat and bring it to boil. Take a souffle mould, grease it with a peace of butter, pour the mixture in. Place the mould in the pot and steam it until ready.”  Honestly, when I read something like that in a recipe book I turn to be scary because: 1. HELLO! I do not have a special souffle mould, and what is that exactly? 2. Wait, what? steam cooking?  The only one spot where I’m a consistent in this description, is how to grease with butter. So, yes… If start, you need to finish. It was time for improvisation. Mistakes and Success.

I took my small metal bowl and grease it instead of the souffle mould, I used my small pot to bring water to boil and placed the bowl over the top making double-boiler, but this case did not work because the souffle was dry in the bottom and raw over the top. I choose to do another way. I took my heat-proof plastic touristic cup, greased it and apply the mixture there, then I took my largest pot, brought the water to the boil point and used my metal steam cooker as a shelf for my cups. So I put my cups into the construction and waited 20 minutes. Then I opened the pot and… Yes! I got a very fluffy and tasty turkey souffle! Success! After that I just put the bowl with mixture into the pot and cooked the rest of the souffle, it was saved.

First attempt to cook it through the double-boiler. Do not do like that.


It was much better.

Concluding, you can use your crockpot in a steam-cook regime to prepare the souffle to make one big portion or it could be small portions made in ramekins and in both ways it’ll be look pretty.

looks pretty!


The souffle is recommended to be served with Champignon’s sauce.

10g butter

10g flour

1 cup Chicken stock  (c.b. from a chicken base)

1/2 lemon


300g Champingnons

  1. In a saucepot mix together a 10g  butter, 10g flour and a cup of chicken stock. Put the champignons in another sauce pot and add 1/4 cup of the butter-flour-stock mixture, add 1/2 lemon juice, bring to boil twice. Remove form heatDSC08933
  2. Take off the mushrooms, chop it very well, return to the liquid, add the rest of the butter-flour-stock mix, add salt, pepper, bring to boil. Take off.DSC08935
  3. Pour over the top of the souffle. Enjoy!DSC08940DSC08938

In spite the fact that the steam cooking caused some problems, I liked to cook this dish. I think this food really earns to be on a special night menu. It’s relatively easy to cook, it tastes delicious and looks amazing!

The souffle is recommended to serve with celery puree recipe of which you’ll find on my blog, too (soon)!


*Original number is 1114

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