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Soup-puree with champignons




Recipe #2*

Today’s post is about my attemptS to do the first course from the January’s First rank menu of book “The Gift for Junior Housewives” by Molohovec E. The soup was cooked, tried, threw out, cooked again in an improved way, taste again and liked! Soup is a traditional Russian cuisine’s first course of a menu. Many slavic people do not count it as an “appetizer”; moreover, soup is an independent dish, accompanying  with a piece of bread or pie, it could be a full-course lunch. Soup is the common kind of food on Russian table because it’s cheap and gives a good yield, it’s simple, tasty and healthy.

Molohovec suggested to open a new year through Soup-puree with champignons, truffles and wine, so have a look!

For stock

1L Grocery store beef stock

100g onion, medium dice

50g carrot, medium dice

50g celery root, medium dice

Bay leaf, black pepper corns 8 pc

30g Butter

30g Flour


500g  beef (c.b. ground beef)

100g onion

1 egg

30g white bread

15 ml mik or cream

1 tbl spoon butter, melted

Pepper, salt and nutmeg

2 truffels (I sub with dried Black Trumpet)

0,5 cup Madeira wine

250g sliced champignons

10g butter

3 wages of lemon

Condiments for one portion

1 egg yolk

2  tbl spoon cream

2 tbl spoon Sherry wine


Honestly, the recipe and the list of ingredients scared me. After the first attempt, I applied some of my knowledge from culinary school and improved the recipe in the way which tastes better. I divide the recipe for a few steps.

  1. Stock preparation. Place the bones into a pot, cover with cold water and start to heat up, meanwhile chop vegetables, then add them into the pot, bring to boil, skim the foam and reduce the temperature till the simmering, keep them like it about 2 hours. The easiest way is to bay the ready to go stock in a grocery store, add onion, carrot, celery , bay leaf and pepper corns, bring to boil, simmer for 15-20 minutes and strain in another pot or bowl.IMG_4063
  2. Knel preparation. 1.Cut the meat into a medium pieces, process in food processor till smooth condition, place in a large bowl or use ready ground meat. Soak the bread in a milk or cream, squeeze, add to the meat. Process in food processor the onion till smooth condition, add to the meat. Add the egg, melted butter, salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste. (To taste the seasoning, take a small piece of mixture and fry it over a pan. ) Mix well together. 2. Bring salted water to boil. 3.Form small meat balls from the mixture (15-20g). 4. put a portion of meat balls into the hot water, simmer till they rise the surface. Take off to a bowl
    Form balls
    Put them into simmering water

    simmer till they rise to the surface
  3. Mushrooms. Soak the mushrooms (truffles or in my case – Black trumpet) in Madeira wine and bring to boil, simmer for 5 minutes. Take off the flame.
  4. Champignons. Slice champignons or use sliced. Heat up the butter in a pan, put the mushrooms there. Add lemon wedges, sutee the mushrooms till golden-brown. Important! To get the golden-brown color to your mushrooms, do not over crowd your pan! When the color reached, take off into a bowl.DSC08909DSC08910DSC08913
  5. Roux. Melt 30g of butter in a pan, add 30g of flour, make the pale roux by string them together. When roux is cooked (smooth bubbles appeared), add 50ml of cooked stock, mix well, then add a more stock to create smooth soup-puree. Mix well with whisk you do not need the lumps.DSC08914
  6.  Serving. For a one portion in a soup plate arrange the knels, champignons, truffles (or trumpets in my way) with Madeira wine and Sherry wine. Separately  combine together an egg yolk and the mixture of the stock with roux, pour into the plate with other elements. Pour heated cream over the top of  your plate.IMG_4072

Honestly, this soup made me spent 2 day to reach a good taste. At the first day I followed the instruction of the recipe from the book. Firstly, I made my beef stock. It takes a long time to make a good flavored stock, so it was a reason to skip this step at the second attempt. Second part was to make all  elements as a Knel, mushrooms etc. This step was successful at all. A little problem appeared when I tried to combine all elements. According to the recipe I would need to make the roux, mix it with the first portion of the stock, then add the rest of liquid. After that the recipe suggests to add 2 egg yolks mixed with a cup of cream directly into the soup and heat it up almost to the boiling point. But, what I get was terrible! All my work around the stock and roux was ruined! Because the liquid turned to be lumpy and the cream simply split! So, the liquid was unpleasant ((( Nevertheless, I decided to follow the recipe and combine everything in one plate: meat, wines, mushrooms and liquid. It looked ok, but when I tried I figured out the recipe does not call for salt and the taste of split cream, agrhh…..  Overall, I threw out the liquid.


the liquid looked split and lumpy
Mis en place for plating
composition was not terrable
the first appearance was… agrhhh…((


At the next day I began with store-bought stock, simmer it with vegetables, so I get a well flavorful stock. Then I place all ingredients into a soup-bowl, in the separate sauce-pot combined stock and roux, into the hot liquid added one egg yolk (Korean cuisine add a raw egg into the hot soup, too), pour that all into the soup-bowl and, skipping the wine part, topped with cream (Russians usually add a spoon of sour cream into any soups to make it colder and add mouthfeel).

At all, the result made me happy! The soup is rich and have a great taste!

Thank you for your attention! Cheers!


*Original number is 112

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