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Salmon in papillote

It’s time to heat up your oven! photo by condesign


As I mentioned before, I’m a culinary student at George Brown Culinary school in Toronto; school which teach us classic (means French) cuisine: recipes and technics. When I started to read The Book “The Gift for Junior Housewives” by E. Molohovec, I was wondered to find one of the recipes which we studied at school (and which I love a lot). Here is an interesting fact about Russian history; since the middle of XVIII century our country had strong relationship with France. French influence was so significant so many aristocrats being Russians spoke only French and their personal cooks were from France, too. That’s why I found some classic French recipes as “Poisson en papillote”  in The Book of Molohovec. Let’s have a close look on it!

To prepare 1 portion of the recipe you’ll need

200 g Salmon filet/stake (fish could be substitute), rinsed, pat-dry

30g Fennel, julienne

30g Carrot, julienne

50g Onion, slice

60g Butter

Salt and pepper to taste

Piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil



1. Preheat your oven to 375F. Properly season your fish.

2.Take the parchment paper of the size enough to cover your piece of fish + leave edges for proper folding;

3. Rub the one half of the paper with a small piece of butter over the place where you want to put the fish;

4. Place fennel to form “pillow” for fish. Over the fennel, place the fish. Over the fish place the onion and carrot, season it, put a piece of butter on top.

5. Close the fish as in my video (your fish and vegetables on the one side, another side of paper is empty; fold the paper covering the fish, fold the edges of paper).

6. Put in the hot oven for 20 minutes. Open and enjoy!



It’s a very simple, convenient, quick and variational dish! More over, it’s delicious! You can add any  aromatic vegetables, herbs and spices as you want or simply use onion, salt and pepper as in the book “The Gift for Junior Housewife” by Molohovec E.

During the preparation I really enjoyed the process because it’s quick and the result is delicious.

Thank you for you attention, I hope you’ll love the recipe, too! Cheers!

P.S. The next post’ll be about one delicious Soup and my struggling with it….

*Original number of the recipe from The Book is 1179

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  1. It’s really sounds simple! Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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